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Candidate Stories


Salva Robab Chohan Salva Robab Chohan belonged to a middle class family of Sialkot city. Her father is a driver. She is the elder one in the siblings. The other two sisters are younger than her and they are able to continue their studies just because of scholarships offered by the NTS. They knew that they belong to a self-made ... Read More »

Depilex Institute Certificate Ceremony for FAL Candidates

16th February 2017 – Upon invitation of Depilex Institute, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi attended the Depilex Institute Certificate Ceremony to represent the Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarship program. Four of Fair & Lovely scholarship candidates graduated from Depilex with flying colors. Fair & Lovely believes in empowering women and providing such support through the Fair & Lovely Foundation so that women are well-equipped ... Read More »

Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships

In spite of much progress, women still don’t get equal opportunities in life. But now more and more women are realizing that moving ahead and claiming their due is now in their own hands, not a favor dispensed by society or men. However, women still require guidance and support to plan their education and career goals. Unilever Pakistan Limited and ... Read More »