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Healthy Pakistan Mission exhibited at KidzXpo 2012

Healthy Pakistan Mission exhibited at KidzXpo 2012

Kidz Expo was organized at Expo Center from 14 December- 16 December, 2012. It was the biggest Kids event of the year. This mega show brought jam-packed entertainment along with enormous learning opportunities for the children of various age groups. The event exhibited lots of kids’ attractions under one roof. It was a kind of event which kids would love to attend. A special ‘Activity Village’ was dedicated for numerous fun activities, exciting competitions & enlightening awareness sessions. Moreover, numerous brands exhibited the best range of products & services.

The CSR activity of Lifebuoy organized by Idara taleem-o-Agahi at Kidz Expo proved to be a learning experience for Kids to unleash their hidden potential. Kids got an opportunity to make their minds speak with drawings, speeches, songs and poems. Through Spellathon and Bubble shoot children of different levels got a chance to learn with fun. Traditional HPM Ludo game was also there in which kids showed their utmost enthusiasm. Through snakes and ladders awareness was given to kids about healthy habits and ways of keeping oneself clean. Drawing competition was an opportunity given to kids to make colorful drawing of keeping the environment clean and a place to live in with peace. Speech competition, Song/Poem competition was the way for confidence building in kids. Shy kids were reluctant to participate in different activities but by seeing different children of the same age group they participated and crossed the barrier of fear of crowd.

Spellathon was organized between students of different schools and in bubble shoot kids were encouraged to say any line on keeping oneself clean. The stall was blasted with children and parents encouraged and waited for their kids. Children were appreciated with attractive giveaways including posters of washing hands properly, washing hands on five occasions, attractive stickers and pouch of soaps and pledge books were given. At departure every child promised that he will keep himself and his environment clean and forward this message to his friends and members of his family.

The stall was also divided in RTE and was successful in attracting donors which was received on 3rd day. Many people agreed to volunteer for the One Million Signature Campaign and were keen to know more about the implementation of the Article 25-A. During the event people were generating positive word of mouth and it lasted till the end of event.Share

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