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Integration into DRR, Shikarpur

Integration into DRR, Shikarpur

ITA conducted various sessions of teachers trainings on various topics such as Disaster Risk Reduction, Early Childhood Development and Health and Hygiene in Shikarpur covering 90 schools in 3 clusters. Each cluster was trained for 2 days covering different aspects of health and wellbeing. The trainings were conducted in Shikarpur City, Ghari Yasin and Lakhi with 30 schools in each cluster.

The idea of integrating Healthy Pakistan Mission and Healthy Snacking Program with the Health and Hygiene training session added more value to further expansion to the overall campaign.

The teachers were explained various issues related to health and diseases being caused due to germs on hands. They were taught how to wash hands properly and the advantages of washing hands on 5 key occasions in a day. Various aspects of healthy snacking were explained to them by teaching them important facts regarding diet components and health issues being caused due to improper diet.

Role playing activity was also conducted where teachers were divided in to three groups and assumed the roles of villagers with a hygiene village and a dirty village. The third group was assigned the role for converting the dirty village into the hygiene village. The teachers performed phenomenal job in performing these activities and came up with excellent output.Share

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