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Healthy Pakistan Mission 2012, Phase II Initiated

After the successful completion of Phase I of Healthy Pakistan Mission 2012, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi has now triggered the Phase II of the hygiene campaign across 11 districts of Pakistan. The pre summer phase benefited 1200 schools in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Charsadda, Mardan, Swat, Muzaffargarh, Hyderabad and Shikarpur. In Phase II of the campaign, 550 schools will be enrolled and ... Read More »

Think Big Session at ZamZama School, Karachi

The event took off with the brainstorming session where the lifebuoy team had a session with the last year vice captains from ZamZama School. “Panch Ka Pahara” song was sung by the kids along with all the attendants. Then the members had a chat with the kids regarding last year’s HPM and what they want to achieve in the future. ... Read More »

Healthy Pakistan Mission at The Garage School, Karachi

Team ITA conducted an activity related to Health and Hygiene at The Garage School situated at Neelam Colony, Karachi. The initiative was taken when some students from St. Joseph College approached ITA and asked if it would be possible to conduct HPM at The Garage School, providing kids with an insight to health and hygiene activity. The invitation was accepted ... Read More »

Healthy Pakistan Mission with Hearing/Speech Impaired Students, Lahore

ITA team decided to introduce this program with hearing and speech impaired students. After orientation of this campaign ITA’s team signed an AJAZAT NAMA (permission) with the school principal. HPM team selected five vice captains and one focal teacher with the help of the school principal. The school principal told us these are very intelligent and active students of the ... Read More »

Healthy Pakistan Mission with Madrassah Students, Lahore

In 2012, Idara-e-Taaleem-o-Aaghi (ITA) and Lifebuoy UPL initiated collaboratively a health & hygiene campaign “LIFEBUOY HEALTHY PAKISTAN MISSION (HPM) 2012 – A CSR Initiative” targeting at developing the habit of hand washing on five key occasions daily and importance of regular hair washing. The HPM program has been introduced in Govt. and Private schools in different districts.  In the summer ... Read More »

Integration into DRR, Shikarpur

ITA conducted various sessions of teachers trainings on various topics such as Disaster Risk Reduction, Early Childhood Development and Health and Hygiene in Shikarpur covering 90 schools in 3 clusters. Each cluster was trained for 2 days covering different aspects of health and wellbeing. The trainings were conducted in Shikarpur City, Ghari Yasin and Lakhi with 30 schools in each ... Read More »

Successful completion of Healthy Pakistan Mission 2012 Phase I

Healthy Pakistan Mission is a behavioral change activity in order to create awareness among children and the community members to adapt to the habits that would help them stay healthy and protected against diseases. It’s the third consecutive year that ITA and Unilever have been running this campaign and during this time, HPM has evolved greatly and the possibilities are ... Read More »